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Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health Programme

The overall goal of the National ASRH Program is to promote the sexual and reproductive health status of adolescents. The major target of the program was to make 1,000 health facilities adolescent‐friendly by 2015. The NHSS has envisioned that all the services provided through the public health facilities will be friendly in all the districts. . Through improving access to family planning information and devices, the program aims to reduce the Adolescent Fertility Rate (AFR) which is the outcome indicator of NHSS. As of 2016, 1534 health facilities are already adolescent friendly.

Available services:

It comprises all the services delivered through public health facilities with the programme focus on:

1. Information and Skills

2. Program orientation to Health Service Providers and stakeholders on ASRH

3. Health Services and Counseling

4. Safe and Supportive Environment

The services are available at all Adolescent Friendly Service Sites:

District hospitals

Primary Healthcare Centers

Health Posts

Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) also conduct community based programs for ASRH

Eligibility criteria:

All adolescent boys and girls are eligible to receive the services provided under ASRH Programme.

Required documents:

No documents or certifications need to be presented to claim subsidies and services under this program.

If you wish to find out more about the program, contact any of the following health facilities nearest to you –

  • District Health Office
  • District Hospital
  • Primary Health Care Centre
  • Health Posts

Programme Implemented by:

Family Health Division

Department of Health Services (DoHS)

Teku, Kathmandu

T : +977 1 4262063

F : +977 1 4251173

W: http://www.fhd.gov.np



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